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We want to make sure that Every guest that stays with us has an amazing experience. These are our house rules. Each one has a story behind it. After 10 years of Hosting we have learned a lot. Every Guest will be asked to sign these upon arrival. 98% of are guests are super amazing but we do get a few that can ruin a day and this is our way of making sure everyone has a great stay in our place and city.

House Rules

  • Our check in time is 3pm to 8pm every day. Due to our small staff, we can't accommodate early or late check ins. 

  • REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY (For your safety and ours). We require Valid ID/Passport of every guest staying. No more than two guests per room due to safety requirement.

  • CHECK IN IS BETWEEN 3PM AND 8PM (no late check-ins offered at the moment) We are short staffed and would like you to be in by 8 so whomever is working can eat dinner at a reasonable time.

  • NO SMOKING (This is a smoke free property, this means cigs, joints, vapes and anything you intake using fire or an atomizer). The house has cracks so please don't smoke by any windows, take a walk. 

  • NO FIREARMS (No exceptions, don’t care about your permit, leave it in your car).

  • NO ONE UNDER AGE 18 (Insurance reasons and Safety due to the shared nature of the house).

  • NO OPEN FLAMES (No candles, incenses, bonfires, woodfires in coal fireplaces, fireworks).

  • NO PARTIES (No outside guests).If you want to show the house tell us first. 

  • NO ANIMALS (No exceptions, allergies and health and safety reasons).(main area spaces are shared)

  • BE RESPECTFUL (of other guests, the 100+ year old house, the antiques).

  • QUIET TIME 11 PM - 7 AM This means to be quiet and courteous of sound as others are sleeping.

  • No “professional” filming without consent. (TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES, BE INSTA FAMOUS! but if you have a crew or lights, check with us first). 

  • If you put down sticks you need signed consent.

  • -You understand that this is a historic building and does not comply with modern building standards and safety standards.

  • -You assume all risk while on this property and using items from this property.

  • -You are in good health and looking out for the good of others.

Extra fee structure:

  • Towels $10 each

  • Sheets $75 per set

  • Pillows $25 each

  • Smoking fee - $200

  • Pet fee - $250  

  • Vomit fee - $100 (in the toilet - free)

  • Stained the rug - $100 (for stain removal/replacement)

  • Candle wax on furniture fee $150 (on nipples free)

  • Extra unauthorized guests / party fee - $100 per person 

  • Late night Disturbance fee - $200 (1am-5am)

  • Anything missing from the rooms will also be charged to the replacement value


-no, we don't have the camera anymore, it grew legs.

-Yes, you can use any bathroom.

-please keep personal items in private rooms not in shared bathrooms or areas.

-No, your pet can not stay,

-No one under 18. Sorry, your child can not stay.

-The wifi password is located in the dining room.

-This kitchen is the community kitchen and is shared with the other properties. Please clean up after yourselves.

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